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It’s a Mad Movie Man Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for those blessings, however small, that we can claim for ourselves and those close to us. It is also  a day that we petition that which is good in each of us to strive to make the lives of those less fortunate a little better. It is a day that we draw those who we cherish most even closer to us. If you think of the day in this way it acquires a certain solemnity. With the sacred nature of the day so close to my heart, it seems almost crass to express my gratitude towards the movie industry. But, if you can be thankful for football on Thanksgiving, certainly there is room for movies as well. So, here goes.

First, I’m thankful for these eleven new releases that I’ve seen since last Thanksgiving.

My “Really Like” Probability My Actual Score (100 pt. scale)
Spotlight 96.5% 98
Brooklyn 96.5% 96
Bridge of Spies 96.5% 88
Big Short, The 96.5% 88
Mad Max: Fury Road 48.1% 86
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 96.5% 86
Steve Jobs 86.3% 85
Hell or High Water 74.8% 85
Sing Street 74.8% 85
Captain America: Civil War 96.5% 85
Room 96.5% 85

It is movies like these that fuel my passion. It is particularly gratifying to discover so-called “little” movies like Hell or High Water and Sing Street that don’t get the promotion dollars that bigger budget movies might get.

When you watch around 100 movies a year, you realize that there aren’t enough new releases in a year that are of sufficient quality to fill your hopes for those “special” movie experiences. I am thankful that there are vintage movies that meet that need even when your experiencing them again for a second time, or a third time, or more. Here are 18 movies that I’ve watched in the last year that I still love after multiple viewings.

My “Really Like” Probability My Actual Score (100 pt. scale)
Godfather: Part II, The 94.5% 100
Silence of the Lambs, The 94.4% 99
Lawrence of Arabia 74.8% 99
Saturday Night Fever 49.7% 95
Courage Under Fire  62.5% 94
From Here to Eternity 96.5% 90
American Beauty 96.5% 90
Hustler, The 74.8% 89
Erin Brockovich 96.5% 89
LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring 94.4% 88
Cast Away 96.5% 88
Insider, The 96.5% 88
Memento 92.5% 88
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 82.6% 86
Body Heat 61.0% 86
Remember the Titans 89.7% 85
Frequency 96.5% 85

I am thankful that Christopher Nolan is still directing movies. I’ve watched eight Christopher Nolan directed movies and have “really liked” all eight. The six listed below are movies of his that I love.

My “Really Like” Probability My Actual Score (100 pt. scale)
Batman Begins 96.5% 97
The Dark Knight Rises 96.5% 95
Inception 94.4% 88
Memento 92.5% 88
The Dark Knight 94.4% 87
Interstellar 74.8% 86

I am thankful that another Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk, will be released July 21, 2017.

Finally, I am thankful for well written screenplays. Without an engaging story with crisp dialogue, a movie will fall flat on its face. Based on my ratings, there is no screenwriter I enjoy more than Aaron Sorkin. I have seen six of the seven movie screenplays he has written. I have loved all six movies.

My “Really Like” Probability My Actual Score (100 pt. scale)
A Few Good Men 96.5% 98
The American President 96.5% 96
The Social Network 96.5% 89
Moneyball 96.5% 87
Steve Jobs 86.3% 85
Charlie Wilson’s War 96.5% 85

I’m thankful that Aaron Sorkin has two 2017 projects he is working on. He is directing, as well as screenwriting, an adaptation of the memoir Molly’s Game about the high stakes world of underground poker. The movie is filming now and has Jessica Chastain in the lead. Sorkin is also working on a live TV presentation of A Few Good Men.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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