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In Pursuit of “Really Like” Movies, Playing Tag with Movielens Can Be Helpful

You may wonder where my list of Top Ten Movies Available To Watch This Week comes from. Or, you may be curious how far Mad Movie Man madness extends. Or, maybe you neither wonder nor are curious, but are instead just happy to have another place to go to for movie recommendations. Whether you have questions unanswered or questions unasked, today is your lucky day. This is the day that you discover how obsessive I can be in pursuit of movies that I will “really like”.

Before I plumb the depths of this madness, a few words about a Movielens tool that helps me organize the mania, would be appropriate. Movielens has a tagging system. There are Community Tags that are available for everyone to use. For example, here are the Community Tags for There’s Something About Mary.


You can use these tags as an additional screen when searching for a movie to watch. The number next to the tag tells you how often the tag has been used for this movie. By looking at these tags you could conclude that this movie isn’t for everyone and it probably wouldn’t meet the cringeworthy test. There is a plus sign next to the tag that allows you to agree or disagree with the tag. Also, if you thought the movie was “hilarious”, you can click on the tag and all of the movies will come up that have been tagged “hilarious” Try it on the list above.

If you want to keep track of all of the movies that you thought were “hilarious” there is a box where you can make “hilarious” one of your own personal tags for this movie. If you want to add a tag that isn’t listed for this movie, you can do that too. It is a very dynamic system for gaining additional insights into a movie and for helping you to organize your movies if you are so inclined.

Which brings me back to my manic inclinations. I keep a list of approximately 450 movies for which I’ve calculated “really like” probabilities. Each of these movies I assign the Movielens tag “reviewed” to. This allows me to keep track of movies that I’ve already put on my list of 450. These movies stay on the list as long as they qualify as a recommended movie on one of the five movie websites I use. The data for each movie is refreshed every 90 days.

Movies that I come across that aren’t on the list of 450 that I’m intrigued by are tagged “prospect” in Movielens. Whenever I watch a movie from the list of 450, or it is removed from the list because one of the websites no longer recommends it, I replace it with a movie from the “prospect” list. Movielens allows you to go to Your Tags and sort the movies you’ve tagged. For example, I take the movies that I’ve tagged “prospect” and Movielens sorts them by Movielens Recommended movie, from the highest to the lowest. The highest recommended “prospect” movie moves to the list of 450 to replace the movie removed from the list.

Each Wednesday, after reviewing which movies from the list of 450 are available to watch on the various movie outlets available to me, I rank them by their “really like” probabilities, with the top ten making my list.

Now you understand why I’m the “Mad” Movie Man and how playing tag with Movielens enables my madness.





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